Let’s Build It Pt.3

So the end of this board is finally here. It’s taken days of work to create this charcuterie style home decor / art piece.

Sanding and more sanding.

I started off with 80 grit – wasn’t aggressive enough so I went down to a 60 grit and then worked back up. Finishing the wood I went up to 400 grit, the epoxy I went up to 2000 grit wet sanding from 800 to 2000. Then buffed the epoxy to a glossy clear shine.

When you see me scraping – that’s silicone from the pour – its hard to remove just sanding so I use a scraper / razor blade to get as much off as I can.

I had the idea to spray this piece with a 3 part poly system and the result was beautiful. However, the river portion of the epoxy got dull and it was too flat. The river rocks weren’t as clear as I was hoping.

No worries, just more work. I sand the river back down starting with 220 grit and worked the same process as before all the way up to 800 and the wet sanding to 2000. Buffed using a ultra-cut compound and got it back to being clear.

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